Our Story

We feel morally obligated to be part of the weaving of a new society, that it’s paramount that young adults like ourselves focus our time and energy on playfully creating a new era. We not only have this responsibility to ourselves, but to our species and our planet.


Sage & Sunday began with the search for clothes that are simplistic and timeless that have little to no impact on our ecosystem. We want to wear clothes that are long lasting and delightful to the touch without leaving a footprint on nature.


We produce locally in Cape Town, South Africa, supporting the local industries and craftsmen, uplifting our communities with sustainability remaining our cornerstone value.


The People Making Your Clothes

We believe in taking care of ourselves and all those around us, and we feel it's important you know who the people are that made the clothes you wear. 

Conscious Clothing

We exist within a delicate system, woven together by the people that inhabit it, and without each other we won't have anything. Sage & Sunday vows to maintain integrity within its growth, creating a future inclusive of all species. We look to reduce, reuse and recycle in all aspects of our lives, to do our part in an ever evolving landscape. We move away from mass-produced, resource heavy production methods and move into a future that is made slow, with love, just for you. 

Feel free to visit our blog to find out more about the conscious clothing movement.

Let's Fix It

It is way too easy to just throw away the things that break, when there is so much potential for it to be fixed instead. We are under the spell of if something is broken it has lost its value, but we forget that once it has been fixed it has gained a kind of value that money can't buy. 

We offer a lifetime fix-it guarantee on all of our products, meaning that if anything accidentally breaks or tears, well, just send it back to us and we'll fix it for you, for free!