Artist Creates Realistic Portraits Out of Scraps of Denim Fabric

By Margherita Cole ///

While most artists use graphite or paint to render realistic portraits, others find ways to use more unconventional materials. Turkish multimedia artist Deniz Sağdıç has developed a diverse body of work by upcycling various found fabrics. Denim Skin and Ready Remade are two ongoing projects in which she uses scraps of denim to render highly realistic and detailed portraits of men and women.

To do this, Sağdıç collects numerous denim materials in a variety of blue hues. She then cuts the fabric into squares, rectangles, or long strips and applies them to a canvas or board. The way in which the artist arranges each individual piece is similar to traditional media, in which the paler shades are used in more illuminated areas of the face, and the darker pieces are used for the shadows. This combination of modeling and texture gives these portraits a highly tactile and three-dimensional quality that is immediately striking. However, Sağdıç does not want to waste any part of her found materials, so while some pieces are made entirely out of flat swatches, others feature just the waistband and belt loops, or just the section with the button closure.

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