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With the Imagine range we pay homage to the present moment, to revel in how things are and the innocence of just being. We return back to ancient simplistic ways of fabled stories told around starry night campfires, embodied by soft textured hues of a rising sun and the crisp of a deep breath granted by the arrival of a new dawn. 


Photography by Marike Herselman

Our Path

We offer our hand to a cleaner future, to welcome in the new era of ethically made sustainable clothes. Utilising plant fibres that are eco friendly and fabric that is satisfying to the touch, yet strong and long lasting. We Project our effort towards creating a system that is earth-conscious at each stage of our production line, leaning into a new way of caring for the Earth and our fellow species.


Visit our about section for a more in depth look at who we are and where we're heading on our path.


We Choose Hemp

Clothing made of hemp fibre is lightweight, absorbent and more durable than most plant fibres. Hemp is a low maintenance crop which requires little input during the growing season. It shows great adaptability to various climatic conditions and requires minimum attendance.


Once established, hemp is resilient and self sustaining. Hemp can benefit many industries and truly have a large impact on the sustainability of our world. One of those ways is through processing Hemp into textile sources.


Sage & Sunday's blog is a great space for more information on Hemp or any other current day developments. 

Making a Difference

As a way to say thank you to our planet, we've partnered with Tree Nation to assist in the global reforestation mission. With each purchase you plant a tree somewhere in the world. Feel free to have a look at our company forest by clicking on their logo. 


And with the help of Mielie Mailer, we package our garments in bags made of corn that are completely compostable to reduce our waste and resource dependancy as much as possible. Visit Mielie Mailer's website by clicking on their logo to see what they're up to.